FHHS Today

Basketball Pep Bus

Bryce Clemons, Writer

March 25, 2019

With the varsity boys basketball team heading off to the state semifinals in Springfield Missouri, Two busses each filled with 75 students will be leaving friday early from school so that students can attend the game. Forms to get on the busses were available in the activities office and online through Twitt...

Negative Impact of Cell Phones

Nolan Maples, Journalism

March 15, 2019

Teens are too attached to cell phones and it’s negatively affecting them. There should be ways to limit it. To teens, all that matters is social status. Being online is the way teens express themselves, but this is not real life. No kids really know how be without their phones for a hour. It m...

Equalize Sports Budgets

Olivia Jones, Journalism

March 15, 2019

Sports can be enjoyable and exciting for students to participate in. However there is not enough money in some sports budget to do so or even have the correct equipment. At Howell, games are a crowd-pleasing and an enjoyable social event to attend. However this only pertains to a select couple spo...

School Assemblies Should Not Be Mandatory

Hannah Sherfy, Staff Writer

March 15, 2019

School assemblies are draining, ineffective, and a waste of valuable time that could be used to educate students. Assemblies are supposed to spread news to students, but often times students do not pay attention or just don't care about the information being shared. Students use assemblies as a ...

Tornado Hazards at Howell

Jarrett Damschroder, Journalism

March 15, 2019

With spring approaching, severe weather is bound to happen, and it could end up leading to tornados that can strike at any given moment. With this being the case, students should worry about tornado procedures. On May 22, 2011, Joplin, Missouri was hit with a EF5 tornado, and after the East Middle...

Cafeteria Upgrade

Kacie Vunetich, Journalism

March 15, 2019

Early in February, students walked into the cafeteria to find a remodel of not only the physical cafeteria, but also of the food. The cafeteria staff and supervisors are always trying to make the lunch time experience better, and by adding the TVs, they made it easier for students to see what the...