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2017-2018 Staff

Andrea Lin

staff photographer

I really enjoy photography, painting, and playing the violin.

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Sam Figgins

staff photographer

I joined yearbook because I really enjoy photography, and appreciate the lessons from Photojournalism. I wanted to be in an environment where I could grow in my skills as a photographer, and I saw yearbook as a wonderful opportu...

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Sydney Taylor

staff writer

This is my first year on publications staff. Although I took Journalism 1 last year, I joined the yearbook staff to have more experience writing a variety of stories. I want to go to Mizzou to be a journalist after high school.

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Mackinna Leigh

staff photographer

I play lacrosse and take pictures. This is my first year on yearbook, and I'm really excited.

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Logan Goulet

staff writer

I've been a member of the Howell Softball program all three years. I also play on a travel softball team when I'm not in high school season. Lacrosse is another sport that I am involved in.

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Brandon Sanchez

Staff Writer

I joined yearbook because I am an aspiring writer and am interested in what this class has to offer! A few fun facts about me is that my favorite color is gray and my favorite animal is a lion!

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Emily Scott

staff writer

Last year, I took both Journalism and Photojournalism and I really enjoyed both. It’s my first year on staff, but I’m very excited to be apart of it. I enjoy reading, Marvel movies, and listening to the group BTS.

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Vanina Dimitrova

staff photographer

I joined yearbook publications because I love taking photos and I really enjoyed taking photojournalism last year. Outside of school, I ride horses and have been since I was eight. My love for horses influenced me start doing...

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Sydney Gibson

staff writer

This is my first year with yearbook. Last year I was on sound crew for drama club and plan to continue with that as well as yearbook throughout the next three years of high school.

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Luciana Mach

staff photographer

In my sophomore year, I was in Digital Photojournalism which is what lead me to join yearbook. My extracurricular activities include soccer and swimming.

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Kirstyn Corbett

staff writer

This is my first year on the publications staff. I'm a writer and I plan on pursuing a journalism or English major in college and then obtaining my masters in psychology. After college, I would like to work as a psychologist...

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Jenna Pardieck

staff writer

This is my first year on the yearbook staff. I joined yearbook because I took journalism I last year and really enjoyed it. I also enjoy writing, traveling, skiing, reading, and baking

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Tatianna Pascale

staff writer

This is my first year on the yearbook staff. Currently I am a Varsity Golden Girl and I have been dancing for 14 years. In college, I hope to attend Louisiana State University to dance for all 4 years and earn a masters in kinesiology...

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Talya Trotter

staff photographer

A few facts about me: I manage Football, Baseball, and Wrestling for the school, my favorite color is light purple, and my favorite animal is a Pug. I joined yearbook to take pictures and leave a mark on FHHS with my stories....

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Bryce Clemons

Staff Writer

I joined publications because I enjoy being up to date with current events and writing.

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Annie Sudhakaran

Photographer/ Staff Writer

I joined publications because I was interested in photography and I wanted to take a class where I could learn about it. Yearbook just happened to be the class that I picked. I'm now the editor for the publications this year and...

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Madison Geil

Staff Writer

I joined yearbook because I love being involved with the school and meeting new people.

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Faith Jackson


I joined Publications because I love the staff, Dun Dun and all that the class requires to do, stress and all. I've been on staff for three years, and it's been nothing but a great experience.

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Hannah Chisnell

Staff Writer

I enjoy writing, so I signed up for journalism I. I wasn't expecting to enjoy writing this much!

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Hannah Somheil

Staff Writer

I took Journalism 1 and fell in love with the writing style. The following year, I joined publications staff and realized that this was the career path I wanted to go into after high school. I have been on staff for two years,...

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Jake Conrad

Staff Writer

When I'm not writing, acting, photographing or inspiring, what am I doing? Answer, nothing. Though I am always inspiring, so I guess I'm never really doing nothing. God I'm great.

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Daniel Willbrand


I joined publications because I took Photo Journalism last year, and wanted to continue my interest in photography, and Yearbook was the perfect class. I have a Instagram page with over a thousand followers, if you'd like to check...

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