“13 Reasons Why” Review


Aug. 23, Netflix released season three of its teen drama-mystery series 13 Reasons Why. In the past, the show had sparked controversy and this season is no different. Outrage and praise have already been spotted all over social media.

Season one enraged many adults and kids alike with its graphic suicide scene and controversial message. Hannah Baker’s ghost, played by actress Katherine Langford, got to live on through a distraught Clay Jensen, which rubbed many the wrong way. Season one of the show brought a sense of romanticism to the idea of suicide as a form of justice in a way that alarmed school officials, parents and guardians, and young viewers.

Season two combatted these worries with a quick disclaimer before each episode and a help hotline that played after, but controversy continued as multiple sexual assault scenes and stories were littered throughout the season. Season three is introducing even more changes. Hannah Baker will not be in season three because– being that she was a twisted hallucination of a grieving Clay Jensen– she has been allowed to pass on. Though Clay ‘released’ Hannah in season two ending, his hallucinations of her, the rest of the character’s troubles have only been intensified. The third season shifted the teen drama into a murder mystery with much darker subplots like murder, rape culture, and school shootings. This season came out of the gates swinging. It showed how pent up pain preys on people and destroys them, but it also shows the inability to turn to a trusted adult for help, which may resonate with teen viewers. Some view this as discouraging to young teens audiences, but bringing attention to the topic is the goal of 13 Reasons Why.

A Netflix spokesperson told Express.co.uk that 13 Reasons Why would be returning for a fourth and final season. The reason not being the loads of controversy or the jarring imagery, but because series four will feature the core cast’s graduation from high school, which will be a natural conclusion to the show.

13 Reasons Why is showing the real life struggles and how they affect individuals. Many fans are looking to season four to provide a conclusion to the chaos that the show has inflicted.