Dress Code

Many people at Howell believe that the dress code is biased towards boys, that the dress code implemented by Howell effects girls much more than boys. The dress code at Howell is simple, one can wear whatever they like so long as they don’t break the rule of the five B’s: no bellies, butts, breasts, bra straps, or boxers.

Typical male clothing at school is a T-shirt and shorts or pants, there are very few exceptions to the style that boys wear. Girls attire has a lot more variety to it, ranging from the same as boys, to crop tops and low cut shirts.

That being said, boys clothing the majority of the time only has the potential for violating one of the five B’s: boxers. Girls attire, on the other hand, can reveal any of the B’s, causing them to be much more likely to earn a dress code violation.

While this may seem to be more punishing to girls than boys, the fact that it affects girls more than boys is simply due to the fashion trends, the dress code is completely unbiased. If it were in-style for boys to wear crop top shirts, then they most certainly would be asked to cover up by school officials just like girls are whenever they wear such attire.

The dress code is implemented in order to limit distractions for students at school. It is merely a coincidence that the dress code affects the girls at school more than the boys.