Softball Wins GAC South Championship

Softball clinched the GAC South Conference Championship this past week. Thursday the team traveled to Troy and picked up a 5-0 win over the Trojans. Improving their record to 19-3 on the season. 

“As a team we’ve had a goal of winning our conference since the beginning of the season,” senior Maddie Illingworth said. “The team isn’t done yet though, this is just a sign that the postseason is going to be successful.” 

The team continued their winning streak to 15 straight. Junior Lorin Boutte threw a shutout against the Trojans, multiple hits from junior Natalie Vines, and a homerun from sophomore Malia Loos helped the team secure the win.      

“The team is working together, and supporting each other through ups and downs and the conference championship is reflectant of that,” Illingworth said. “I feel confident in our abilities to win as well as play together as a team.”