Ramp Up Recycling

Destructive Fires. Disrupted wildlife. Dangerous Toxins. Gasses accelerating Climate Change. All unmindful consequences from not properly recycling. Because of this, the school needs to implement more programs to reduce the amount of waste that is unsustainably put into landfills.

Firstly, air hand dryers should be installed into all of the bathrooms in the school to cut down on paper waste. This could also have the effect of lowering the maintenance cost of the school by eliminating the need to buy large amounts of paper towels and trash can liners. Additionally, the concerns of air dryers being unsanitary are exacerbated because the large majority of microbes found in air dryers do not cause sickness in normal people. 

Another idea is the school should put recycling stations in every hallway with slots for each type of recyclable to make it convenient and streamlined for students to recycle. This is important because currently, the only option students have to recycle plastics and cans is to go to the cafeteria or library and put it in a small few containers. This is too inconvenient for everyday students and needs to be addressed by the school.

And while it knows it’s easy to say that everyone needs to get better at recycling, no matter what the school or district does to promote it, nearly all of the responsibility remains on the individual to actually follow through and do their obligation to create a more sustainable environment in the local community.

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