JV Lacrosse to face St. Dominic March 27

The JV Lacrosse girls are gearing up to play St. Dominic over spring break.

“It’s kind of unfortunate we have to practice over spring break, but when you play any sport the phrase ‘no days off’ really becomes a reality,” sophomore Faythe Price said.

After a challenging first season, the JV Lacrosse girls have been practicing and preparing themselves for more difficult teams.

“We’ve had to run many drills so far, even when our field is flooded our coach will bring us inside for conditioning or we will have to wait until later that night and practice on the turf,” Price said.

After a few games were rained out and rescheduled, the JV girls have only been able to play one game. After beating Howell North, they are currently 1-0 and will play their next game at St. Dominic at 5:30 p.m., March 27.