Reagan Carhcart

What started out as just a trip to Yendi, Ghana Africa with her father and Uncle’s Cardiologist team, soon turned into a life changing opportunity. Sophomore Reagan Cathcart’s uncle is a Cardiologist who annually goes to Ghana with his team and this year invited her and her father. Cathcart started collecting soccer equipment including cleats, soccer balls, old warm-ups and soccer bags to give to the children in Ghana.

“These trivial items mean the world to them,” Cathcart said, “their faces light up and you can tell just how grateful they are to have even the smallest of things.”

Cathcart started reaching out to her church and Athletic Director Shawn Erwin in June for anything that anyone was willing to donate.

“Oftentimes I don’t think people realize what just an old pair of shoes could mean to someone in a place like Ghana,” Cathcart said, “It could change their lives.”

In this upcoming December Cathcart will travel to Ghana to give these items to the children that need them the most.