Sarahah Craze


Anonymous messaging apps have become a popular source of social media. Over the summer, an anonymous messaging app called Sarahah became popular among students. Sarahah allows people to attach the link from their Sarahah to their Snapchat. From there, students are able to anonymously leave messages on their page.

“I feel like anonymous messaging apps can be fun, but it does feel a bit bothersome after time when you can’t figure out who’s sending you messages,” senior Sawyer Cameron said.

Some people view the app as helpful, but others see it as harmful. It allows people to give honest opinions but it’s another platform for cyberbullying.

“I think it’s really dangerous since people can be bullied and it also gives them another platform to hurt people,” sophomore Mackenzie Richardson said.

Though these types of apps can be beneficial as well as harmful, student continue to use them.