Fall Play Auditions

Drama members come together for a successful audition

Stress. Pressure. Responsibility. All of which Drama Club president, Rebekah Anthonis felt coordinating the fall play auditions.

“The responsibility was put upon me to organize these auditions,” Anthonis said. “They were a lot different than how we usually do them.”

Formerly, anyone who was auditioning had a specific time slot to perform a one-to- three minute monologue of choice. From there, the club had callbacks and picked the cast.

“I like doing monologues because it’s easier to sort through all the people who do know what they’re doing,” Anthonis said. “So the whole concept of these new auditions was that people would get the material ahead of time to look it over and pick their top three characters they wanted, then we had to get into groups to read in front of Mr. Cole.”

Anthonis felt the pressure when it was time to put groups together because she wanted to give everyone a good chance at getting the role they wanted.

“Taking into account what people wanted to read for and how many lines they had during each scene was very stressful,” Anthonis said.

During auditions she was not alone, junior Grace Kuiper was there to help organize.

“I did most of the talking both days, but most of the organization the second day,” Kuiper said. “It was extremely stressful but I enjoyed it in a weird way because I like problem solving.”

They were happy they had each other and enjoyed the hard work.

“She was great to work with, I think we complement each other nicely in a work setting,” Kuiper said. “I would definitely do it again.”

“I really loved working with Grace,” Anthonis said. “We have strengths were the other has weaknesses. It is really nice to work with someone like that. All in all I think it worked out pretty well.”