Love, and Other Foreign Words Book Review

If you’re looking for a perfect mix of romance and laughs, Erin McCahan’s novel, Love, and Other Foreign Words, is for you.

The main character, Josie Sheridan is a nerdy, shy high school student. She’s also a genius, landing herself in high school and college at the same time. But, Josie fits the role for both. She thinks in different ‘languages’, the high school language, college language, and friends language.

Family is very important to Josie, right from the first chapter you’re introduced to Josie’s quirky family, instantly liking them. Josie’s older sister Kate is getting married, and all seems well except for one little problem; Josie absolutely hates Kate’s fiance, Geoff. Josie spends all of her time trying to prove to everyone that Geoff is a terrible guy. She questions him, makes fun of him, and even ends up “accidentally” throwing spaghetti at him.

Throughout the book readers follow Josie going through school and life. She has a boyfriend who says she loves her, but Josie is unsure about love, and her feelings leaving her confused. But Josie only has time for her one priority- prove that Geoff is not good for Kate, before it’s too late.
The book ends with Josie finding Geoff has some good qualities, and she learns to like him. She also learns that love may be a confusing subject for her, and she may not understand it, but she finds someone who she can figure it out with.