Draft Day Movie Review

Draft day is a normally stylistic American football movie, beginning with a lot of pressure on the main character. Sonny Weaver Jr. the general manager (Kevin Costner) is coming to draft day with a lot of pressure to make “A big splash in the 2014 draft.” He has the 7th pick of the draft but after a rough 2013 season he has big expectations to make a championship team or at least rebuild to make a good playoff caliber team. From day 1 he wants to draft Monte Mack a good linebacker from Ohio State, but the owner wants more than just that it isn’t flashy enough for him. So he trades the next 3 years worth of 1st draft picks to the Seattle Seahawks for a 1 pick in the current year. Most of the Browns front office thinks this is an idiot move. But this guy has a plan in his head. Everyone including what it seams Weaver wants the 1 prospect QB but they already have a decent QB. What ends up happening is he gets Mack and nobody else drafts the 1 prospect QB because he has some character issues he doesn’t get drafted till late in the first round. The Browns GM gets Seattle wanting The QB really bad so they end up getting him and Cleveland gets there picks back and a good kick returner. They already have the best linebacker, and they get 2 other 1st round picks from the Jacksonville Jaguars and they end up getting 4 quality players costing them not that much. Weaver gets the girl he falls in love with in the process and he keeps his job. Weaver is the hero. The movie ends great for him.