St. Louis Doughnut Shops Review

The top 3 best doughnut shops in St. Louis


From downtown to the Delmar Loop to The Hill, St. Louis is filled with restaurants made to make any foodie drool. The city is crawling with tons of hidden gems, such as the many doughnut shops around. Listed are the top three doughnut shops around St. Louis, because what better way to ruin that spring break bod than with a doughnut?


  1. Strange Donuts– Located in Brentwood and Kirkwood, Strange Donuts will fit any person’s doughnut needs. The shop offers a wide variety of doughnuts, from maple bacon doughnuts and even gluten free and vegan options on the weekends.
  2. Vincent Van Doughnut– Once a food truck, Vincent Van Doughnut is now located in Clayton. The food truck still exists though; they usually have it parked in Tower Groves during their “food truck Fridays” during the summer.
  3. Heaven Scent Bakery– This one is, thankfully, located closer to home in O’Fallon. Though they only have the basic type of doughnuts and nothing crazy, the bakery has a 24 hour drive-thru for all of the late night munchers. They also offer other bakery items and even ice cream.