Personality Profile: Paige Drummond

After spending her school days at St. Charles Community College, senior Paige Drummond heads to Marching Band and Winter Drumline. She loves them too much to quit.


“Only coming to school for Marching Band was definitely an adjustment to get used to,” Drummond said. “The people in my section would often talk about things going on in school and I had no idea what they were talking about so I felt disconnected in a way for a while.”


Drummond said it was difficult to be eligible for the winter season because of dual enrollment.


“With the amount of credit hours I have to take at SCC, it makes being eligible for winter sports hard, but my parents and counselors have helped me work everything out in some way,” Drummond said.


Drummond, who plays the snare drum in both Marching Band and Winter Drumline, enjoys keeping traditions alive with other drumline members.


“My favorite tradition is going to IHOP with the drumline before every competition,” Drummond said. “Waking up at 5 a.m. to get breakfast is tough, but I love seeing all of them because we always have a good time.”


Drummond serves as a section leader of the drumline in both the fall and winter seasons. 


“The most rewarding part has definitely been seeing my section grow, not only as musicians but as people too,” Drummond said. “Watching people get better over the years is so cool to see and I’m so happy to play a part in that.”


Drummond plans on joining Marching Band in college. She’s undecided on where she wants to go, but she’s considering the University of Arkansas, Missouri State University, or Arkansas State University.


“I want to stay involved in music as much as I can,” Drummond said. “I love how music can bring people together and I want to keep that aspect in my life.”