Personality Profile: Illean Green

Art teacher Illean Green, someone who wants the students to have big minds when it comes to creating. 

“I would love to see more students’ minds grow. I love to see people be nonjudgmental with others’ work, I want people to be themselves,” Green said. 

Green never intended to be a teacher. 

“I never saw myself as an art teacher but now that I’m here I’m glad that I am, I get to be around what I love most, Art,” Green said.

Her passion for teaching will never go away.

“I definitely see myself teaching for a long time. I would love to teach till I’m 60-years old. I wouldn’t want to teach over 60-years old though. I truly enjoy helping others find themselves along with becoming more open with their art,” Green said.

   She has loved being creative all her life.

“I have been into art since kindergarten. I love temporary art, mixed media, using glass and wire,” Green said. 

As an artist, Green found inspiration close to home.

“I have always been inspired by my mom, she has always believed in me and told me to be myself, do what I love,” Green said. 

Every artist has an artist statement. 

“For someone growing up loving art, I have learned to never be fearful of creating, let the creation take over you,” Green said. 

Even though Green has goals for her kids at school, she has some for her own works. 

“I want to be able to have a sustainable business, where I’m able to sell my art along with having more time to be creative,” Green said.

Green knows she has work to do to build her business.

“I wish I had a website, recommendations is where I sell my work. I would probably sell more if I had a website,” Green said.

There are times where it is hard for Green to be creative but she always has a way to overcome that.

“When I have a creative block, I stop creating completely. When something is inspiring to me, I can come up with something. Music is huge in my world of creation. A lot of my art is inspired by the music I hear. Something else that helps bring my creativity back is hearing or talking about cultures. African American culture specifically,” Green said.

 Communicating with others is something Green loves, but she finds communicating through art is more effective.

“I like to help others feel like they have a sense of belonging when viewing my artwork, Green said. I also want people to understand things they haven’t before.”