The Sutton Sendout: Grey’s Anatomy Edition

    When I was a freshman in high school, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy, and immediately fell in love with the show. It wasn’t so much the concept of it that I fell in love with, but more the characters and their stories. Of all the characters in the show, there was one who really stuck out to me: Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), because of her storyline and her character development.

    Throughout the series, Meredith overcomes a lot of different things, such as a bomb explosion, a hospital shooting, and a drowning. A few seasons after the drowning, she spoke about what she was thinking in that moment, which is my absolute favorite speech she’s ever given because for a while, I could relate to it. 

    “You know, there was a moment years ago, I slipped, and I fell into the sound. Into freezing, freezing cold water. And I thought to myself, just for one moment, I thought, ‘Why fight? Why not just stop? And I did, but I’m still here because the people I love didn’t give up on me.’”

    Now I didn’t drown or anything close to that, but metaphorically I felt like I was for a period of time. But I fought and I helped myself because of the people I was around. They helped me through everything. They stood by my side when I needed it the most, and that’s what Meredith’s friends and family did for her. Because of her experiences, it’s almost like I saw myself when I looked at her. 

    Three years later, I’ve overcome a lot of different things and so has she. The show is still running and her character is still growing and changing. 

    I’ve learned that having a comfort character is a good way to actually help yourself figure out what your worth is. A comfort character isn’t always about thinking they’re hot or attractive, it’s about finding something in common you have with them. Maybe your comfort character overcame a drug addiction and inspired you to do the same. Or maybe it’s something as small as them overcoming their fear of heights and you overcoming one of yours. This fake, made-up character has the ability to help you change your life or your mindset on something, even if they’re not there to directly tell you what you need to do. They can influence you with actions they do to achieve something they’ve always wanted to.