Juniors And Seniors Begin to Take College Visits

Three days. This is the amount of time juniors and seniors can use while visiting colleges. A college visit can make a difference in an upperclassmen’s decision on where to apply. 

“Checking the campus to make sure it meets your needs is a great way to make the most of a college visit,” College Career Counselor Jennifer Lowrey said. 

The counseling office offers a campus visit checklist to juniors and seniors. Students check off what they do around campus during their visit. The checklist includes things such as taking a campus tour, sitting in a class that interests you, taking a look at the dorms, and much more. 

“College searches on SCOIR, virtual visits, and basic research can all help students prepare for college visits. Reps of different schools also come here to inform students on the schools they’re representing,” Lowrey said. 

Representatives of various colleges and universities are on campus daily. Students interested in meeting with representatives can check their SCOIR reminders for the representative’s schedules. These visits allow students to speak with representatives. After finding a college that sparks their interest, students can schedule a college campus visit. 

“Students should look for their major, the location of the school, activities, and size of the school they’re looking to apply to. They should always make sure the school is the right fit,” Lowrey said. 

Balancing academic life and social life can be difficult for college students. A visit provides a better perspective and understanding on how to find balance during the upcoming school year.

“I made the most of my visit academically by shadowing a class I’m interested in,” senior Shea Schultz said. “The most important thing I got to see on campus was what student life is like aside from learning.”