Varsity Soccer Beats Howell Central

Sept. 8, Varsity soccer plays Howell Central at home. Tension was high throughout the game, with a close score of 2-1. 

“We always give each other constructive criticism and try to stay as positive as we can. We don’t let our anger out on each other,” sophomore Brock Karstens said. “When the game is close you have to make a decision of how bad you want to win. Everyone wants to win, but the people who want it the most actually make it happen.”

Ten minutes into the second period, players broke out into a verbal argument. Seniors Jackson Riege (Howell #12) and Jake Schweitzer (Central #11) were given a yellow card and sent to their benches. 

Junior Howell captain Kyle Olwig sets an example for his team when things get intense.

 “I usually try to ignore the other team and let our plays do the talking,” Olwig said. “We show sportsmanship by shaking hands at the end of the game because every person on the field is a competitor just like us.”