Joji Album review

Sept. 25, Japanese singer Joji released his second studio album “Nectar”, featuring hits such as “Pretty Boy”, “Mr. Hollywood”, and “Like You Do”, with outside artists Diplo, Omar Apollo, Lil Yachty, rei brown, and BENEE. 

In his new album, Joji strays from his more mellow tones from his previous album “Ballads 1” and experiments with more upbeat rhythms like in “Pretty Boy” while still keeping part of his original style in songs such as “Like You Do” and “Mr. Hollywood”.

Throughout the album, Joji sings about a mysterious “lover” who is never named. “Nectar” focuses on a failed relationship between Joji and this “lover” and his feelings and hardships he faced following the relationship.

 The songs flip between his current emotions after the split and his emotions he felt during their time together. For example, in “Sanctuary”, the song is upbeat and has a positive tone. “Run” follows “Sanctuary”, changing to a deeper tone with more negative lyrics. 

While “Nectar” is full of a variety of emotion-packed songs, all with a different tone, melody, and pitch, the order of the album is confusing, with a constant change from before the relationship, during the relationship, and after the relationship, most songs focus on the aftermath of the relationship, hooking the listener with an unknown love story and making them piece together the puzzle of the relationship.

 Overall, “Nectar” is an incredible album, showing the depths and ugly side of falling in love which many other artists fail to do.