Class News, Careers, and AP Options

Noah Suermann

November 6, 2019

From AP classes, to dual enrollment, options exist to turn a freshman into a college-ready senior.  As a freshman, choosing classes can be daunting. The engineering field is interesting but there's also the medical path. Then there’s AP classes, weighted, but being a more difficult. There are ...

School Software Standardization

Noah Suermann

November 6, 2019

Upload. Share. Create. It’s easy nowadays. But maybe not so easy with so many different forms of software for students and teachers to learn, use, and keep track of.  District-utilized softwares, like Infinite Campus, are great tools for keeping academic and financial records; however, contracts with SchoolMessenger, SurveyMonkey, and Voicethread are...

Out With The Gold And In With The Blue

Morgan Smith

November 4, 2019

June at 7 p.m., the Class of 2020 will walk into graduation looking like no other class before. In response to concerns with the old tradition about the yellow gowns, the graduation ceremony will feature all blue gowns with a yellow stole.  “It’s sad to see the tradition go but at the same time, you ...

Students Review New Take On Howell Time

Caitlin Quirk

November 4, 2019

A month into the new Howell Time, administrators listened to feedback and made changes. The administration's main goal was to get students to become more connected with each other, and the first Howell Time saw a small group discussion on qualities students like in friends. Another activity saw leaders he...

Modern-Day Internment Camps in China for Muslims

Graceson Kennedy, Co-Web Editor

November 4, 2019

The religion of Islam has been practiced in China for over fourteen hundred years. However, recently, the Muslim population has become an extreme minority in the communist empire. As of July 2019, China had abducted over one million Uighur Muslims from their homes and placed them into camps. When globa...

Howell Students International Travels

Mallory Abshear

October 22, 2019

Hello. Hola. Hallo. Students traveled out of the country this summer to Germany and Costa Rica with the EF tour company, developing new perspectives around the world with German teacher Jean Morgan to Germany and Spanish teacher Karen Irizarry to Costa Rica. Both hosted the respective trips and went a...

Jesus, Community, and Donuts

Owen Halstead

October 21, 2019

Jesus. Community. Donuts. Three main themes of the student-led Bible study, which occurs every Wednesday from 6:45 a.m. - 7:15 a.m. in Room B124, history teacher Belle Schultz’s room. The leaders, seniors Jaden Schultz, Sierra Hayes, and Grace Bayer, are all volunteers, and they prepare all of the pas...

The Fight for Change

Annie Reader

October 11, 2019

Flames growing. Ice melting. Change coming. Senior Isabella Reed attended the Sept. 20 Climate Strike, which influenced her to start a Climate Strike club and inspire others to fight for change. “The climate strike was amazing. We marched down the street chanting things like ‘What do we want? CL...

FHSD lawsuit against JUUL

Dom Steeno

October 11, 2019

Each day, somewhere in the United States, the new stories report on vaping-related respiratory illnesses and deaths that plague the population. Francis Howell School District filed a lawsuit, Oct. 3 against the vape company Juul. As reported by Riverfront Times, Clayton-based attorney Cindy Ormsby said...

Renewed Recycling at Howell

Sydney Gibson, Photographer, Writer

October 3, 2019

Students and staff have expressed concern and confusion about the recycling at Howell.  The former sponsor of the Safe Club, Mr. Berendzen, was previously responsible for the recycling. Since his resignation, the new science teacher Michele White has taken the position. “It’s true, I am the ne...