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New Administrator Not So New to Howell

This is Theresa Maher’s first year being an administrator, but it isn’t her first year working at Howell. Maher has taught a variety of courses, which has helped her career in various ways. 

I have been in education for 23 years, prior to being an administrator. I have taught high school and middle school English, theater and gifted education. So that means sixth, seventh and eighth grade gifted education,” Maher said. 

Including all of these classes, she has also coached the Speech and Debate team, and is still planning to help them out.

 “I have coached and supported the Speech and Debate team since I started teaching in 2000. I loved the role I have played for our team and the district. Even though I am stepping back from coaching, I still plan to be involved and support [Jenn] Beckmann-Brown and [Katie] Boesch this season,” Maher said. 

By having all this experience, Maher has built relationships with the staff to help her with future careers. 

“By having an administrator as our club’s advisor, she has impacted the Speech and Debate team in such a positive way. She is part of the reason that our debate team has had great success, she knows what to do and how to do it, and knows how to best coach kids. She’s gonna do a great job as an administrator,” Beckmann-Brown said.

Not just the teachers, Maher has positively impacted and made good relationships with her students. 

“Anytime if I couldn’t attend a competition, she always reassured me. She would encourage me to step out of my comfort zone, saying to give it a shot, and accept any of my failures. She will be a wonderful administrator, because she really knows how to work with students and is very empathetic. Overall, she’s just amazing,” junior Anoushka Popuri said. 

Because Maher has taught all of these classes, there are some things she has learnt to help her with her career now. 

“I think the thing I have learnt the most is that some kids want to do great things. People don’t know how hard these kids work, because whenever we get to a tournament, the sun isn’t even up yet. When we leave, it is almost 9 or 10 o’clock in the night. They are here the whole weekend and are so joyful to be here, and keep trying as hard as they can,” Maher said about her debate students. 

Not just debate, Maher has been taught many things by viewing a variety of kids perspectives in class. 

“I’ve been in elective and core classes, so I have taught classes that are really hands-on, or classes that aren’t structured and kids are just getting up and doing what they need to do. I’ve been in elective classes and I’ve been in core classes and so I’ve been in classes where things are really hands on, or kids are doing what they need to get done. I think that will and has helped me as a principal by not expecting the same thing every time I walk into a classroom. I don’t expect the same environment and the same thing out of every teacher as well,” Maher said. 

For Maher’s first year as administrator, she will take in all the things she has learned from things that she has learnt from various classes, and finally by her clear motive and goals for this year.

“My main goal is to be open to learning and observing. Also be willing to bring positivity, knowing the difference between all the other careers I have taught, and all the other schools I have taught at,” Maher said.

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