“Suncity” EP Review


Khalid, 20 year old hip hop/R&B singer and songwriter, just debuted his most recent EP Suncity Oct. 22. Not long before it’s release, Khalid gave us a taste of what to expect with the single “Better” which is featured on the EP. The short album has a total of seven songs altogether lasting 21 minutes.

The EP has a slight influence of pop on his typical hip hop/R&B genre. The whole vibe of it is chill and somewhat somber. It’s like something that would be heard in a trendy coffee shop.

The introduction to the EP “9.13” leads in with melodious humming and a person announces, “The people of El Paso Texas proudly present the key to the city to Khalid Donnel Robinson, forever from the city of the 915”. The EP is meant to show Khalid’s love to and for El Paso, the town he lived in towards the end of his high school days.

On another note, the song “Vertigo” has long and beautifully drawn out notes in the chorus. The same goes for the song “Motion. “Saturday Nights” is very acoustic but not really at the same time, and “Salem’s Interlude” is just an instrumental that includes a voicemail that talks about personal struggles.

Surprisingly, Khalid tried something different and unusual of him and incorporated Spanish into the mix with the song “Suncity” ft. Empress Of. Khalid starts off the track with Spanish and through the song transitions back and forth from Spanish to English.

The EP is nothing incredibly spectacular, but it’s Khalid nonetheless. No matter what he releases, there will always be a beauty to it.