“Honesty” Single Review

Luciana Mach

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American born singer and songwriter Pink Sweat$ released a new single, “Honesty”, early this year. The song makes an appearance on his debut EP Volume 1.

Basically, the track is about how he wants a girl, but she’s afraid of the commitment. He sings, “She said ‘Baby, I’m afraid to fall in love / Cause what if it’s not reciprocated?’ / I told her, ‘Don’t rush girl, don’t you rush / Guess it’s all a game of patience”, in the opening verse. In the chorus he croons, “She said, “What if I dive deep? / Will you come in after me? / Would you share your flaws with me? Let me know.” / I told her, “Thinking is all wrong / Love will happen when it wants / I know it hurts sometimes, but don’t let it go.”

The whole vibe of the song is sincere and endearing. He has a beautiful voice and when he sings charmingly like he does in this acoustic ballad, he sounds like an angel.

Pink Sweat$ opens a door for male R&B artists. He doesn’t feel the need to prove his masculinity. He unapologetically digs deep and opens up his feelings for us to hear.