Morning Traffic

In the morning, the traffic on Highway 94 is backed up for miles. A five-minute drive to school could be a 15-minute drive on. Buses, parents dropping off students, student drivers, and staff, as well as people on their daily route to work, inch their way down 94 every morning. Highway D, on the other hand, experiences very little backup in the mornings.

“If you’re not on 94 by 6:30 a.m., then you get stuck in traffic and that’s too early,” junior Rianna Richardson said. “Maybe if people spread out what time they got there or we all didn’t take 94, the the traffic could possibly go down.”

The school sells approximately 600 parking passes, but the number changes seasonally because of sophomores who are able to buy passes in the spring. Currently, the school sold 644 parking passes, meaning there are 644 student drivers this fall.

“I really don’t like the traffic because if I’m running late, I can be stuck getting to school,” senior Madisyn Johnson said. “Making it two lines instead of one could help out the traffic, so it could possibly flow better.”

There was talk of a second lane being added or a light on Highway D, but that construction never took place as the district would have to pay for both.

“I think carpooling should be encouraged,” senior Anna DeMeyer said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Unlike Highway 94, there is virtually no traffic on Highway D in the mornings.

“I’ve never run into traffic on that highway before school,” junior Claire Ott said. “I think it’s funny that they have to wait in that traffic and I don’t.”