“Before I Let Go” Review


Beyoncé Knowles had only used her Instagram story once before suddenly using it to promote her song “Before I Let Go.” This song was released with “HOMECOMING: THE LIVE ALBUM,” and is a brass heavy dance tune. Handclaps and DJ ad libs preceed Beyoncé’s vocals. She sings about being in love, but wanting to make sure she is right before she lets go, and falls in love completely and vulnerably. Electronic drum set, claps, and tuba push the beat along under her voice. The beat was created to be able to dance to, and it is successful, as shown in Beyoncé’s Instagram stories, where she posted fans dancing the choreography that seemingly came out of nowhere. In the dance portion of the song, she gives instructions to dance to that are just as fun and vague as the Cupid Shuffle or The Wobble. Somehow, fans all knew the same choreography, and their moves were displayed to market the song.

The song is incredibly entertaining and easy to sing and dance along to. There are several dance videos on YouTube if you get bored and decide to learn the choreography.