Lauren Buzzell

Stitch by stitch, junior Lauren Buzzell discovered exactly who she is. Buzzell, a self-taught seamstress, constructs numerous articles of clothing that range from cosplay-worthy to prom-ready.

Beginning to sew in freshman year, her occasional hobby has evolved into something much greater.

“I’ve made plenty of projects over the years—dresses, tops, costumes, and formal outfits. I’ve done just about everything by now,” Buzzell said.

Recently, Buzzell has constructed several memorable projects that earned recognition. For a choir concert, Buzzell sewed a dress mimicking a Phantom of the Opera costume.

“Most of my projects can take anywhere from a month to a full year, but the Phantom of the Opera dress was done on a tight deadline and still, when finalized, looked pretty realistic to the original costume,” Buzzell said.

As she has tackled bigger and better projects, Buzzell has found her style and developed a technique in her art of sewing.

“I’ve recently tackled bigger projects and researched new techniques that have drastically improved my works. I also received a sewing machine that has helped efficiently make my projects, and also make my construction look much more polished and professional,” Buzzell said.

Planning to continue to pursue her passion, Buzzell is currently scouting colleges that offer a successful theater costume major.

“I haven’t committed to any college, but I know that I want to major in costume design and hopefully find a career where I can continue to grow as a seamstress,” Buzzell said.