The Homecoming Checklist for Ladies

Homecoming is stressful- Here’s a quick checklist

Homecoming Checklist (For Girls)


Homecoming can be a stressful time, especially for girls (not to be sexist) with all of the preparation and items to purchase. Here is a list designed to make sure you have everything you would need to have a good/smooth night:

  • Tickets- These are of course essential for your entry of the dance.
  • Dress- Assuming you’re going to actually be dressing up for the dance, you may need one of these.
  • Makeup- In case you want to add a little something extra to clean up for the occasion.
  • Shoes- You’ll definitely need shoes to go with your dress–at least for pictures.
  • Hairstyle- You of course have to figure out how to wear your hair–whether it be an updo or just simple curls.
  • Nails- If you want to get the complete look, you can’t neglect your hands. And don’t forget your toes!
  • Date- You don’t need a date, but in case you want a dancing partner or at least one for pictures.
  • Picture group/place- You may want to arrange a time and place to meet people for pictures…That’s the most important part, right?
  • Dance move- Just to make sure you don’t get out there and freeze up, you may need to make sure you’re ready for the big night.
  • Corsage/Boutonnier- In case you have a date, you can’t forget this tradition–they might get upset.
  • Jewelry- If you’d like a little something to accent your dress, this could be the thing.
  • Purse/Clutch- You can’t always count on your date being there to put your things in their pocket, so it may help to come prepared.