WTH: What The Hair

What is going on with Donald Trump’s Hair?



The hair. A burnt yellow color somewhat similar to cigarette stained teeth is its first eye catching characteristic. A close second might be the complex and confusing lines in which the hair has been combed. The see

mingly cross hatching motion of forward and backward comb lines draws the hair forward to reveal a small section of forehead. With no obvious signs of a hairline or any normal hair features, more and more people want the question to be answered: What is actually happening with Trumps hair?

Few have made their mops as famous as Donald Trump, yet no one can seem to understand how it is that it looks…well the way it looks. Trump has a head of hair that looks simultaneously like real hair and a dead ferret.

Is it a toupee? Probably not. During several campaign rallies, he’s invited women to examine his hair, confirming that it is real and is indeed attached to his head.

Is it a comb over? Absolutely. But what is it combing over? He appears to have a full head of hair and will go to his grave saying he does.

“My hair is 100 percent mine,” he wrote in his 2004 book Trump: How to Get Rich. “No animals have been harmed in the creation of my hairstyle.”

Although some believe that Trump has undergone some kind of surgical procedure to counteract balding, it is more likely than not that he may just be covering a bald spot. Or.. perhaps he simply just likes it like that.

I agree. Crazy.

This shocking realization may just be the most profound thinking of all. Trump could actually think he looks good with his hairstyle and regardless of personal feelings, maybe he should be allowed to think that. So many critics during this political campaign have been talking less and less about his political leanings and more and more on his infamous mop.

Rather than focusing on his hairstyle, people should start paying attention to Trumps policy beliefs and leave his hair to what it will always be: a mystery.