Best Restaurants in St. Louis

Saint Louis has many famous restaurants, Saint Louis is known for its pasta, and its steak, as well as it’s pizza and toasted ravioli.

The number 1 place to eat in Saint Louis has to be Cunetto House Of Pasta, It is located on The Hill, so you already know that it has a lot of character. The building is beautiful and Italian looking. Now to the peas and carrots. The lasagna is amazing; it comes with garlic bread, by far the best I have had I my life. As well as their fettuccine and fettuccine is up there for one of my favorite foods. All the pasta there is excellent and conservative on price. The Salads are stellar as well.

Number 2 place to eat in STL. Pi Pizza 3.14159 pizza, has amazing pizza Chicago and St Louis style pizza is what they specialize I if you get the chance get the “Buck Town” Chicago style pizza it is the best pizza I have tasted. They really get creative but very classy with their topping choices for their pizza.

Number 3 best place to dine at in Saint Louis is… Hendel’s, Hendel’s has been in Saint Louis since the 1800s and is know for their high quality steak and salmon for a somewhat conservative price. The fried zucchini is tremendous, if you are looking for a good app, lot of wines as well if you are into that kind of thing.