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District replaces snow days with AMI Days

The district is going through their first school year of the new snow day system, causing snow days to change to alternative methods of instruction (AMI) days  for days five through eight. 

With traditional snow days, the school had to go one day farther into the summer for every day that was called off. With AMI days, teachers submit work online and students are supposed to work on it to make up the class work for that day. 

“When have snow days ever been a problem in the past? We got a day off and how far did we fall behind?” senior Jacob Kollman-Roberts said.

Now, if a student does not do the work on AMI days, they will be counted absent.

 “I feel like kids still won’t do the work if it affects attendance,” junior Jack Mills said. 

Not every household has reliable internet, computers or smartphones, which could make AMI work more complicated.

“What about some of these low income households that some of our students live in?” Kollman-Roberts said. 

Snow days can be an experience kids look forward to. Mills doesn’t want AMI days because he believes snow days are a big part of the high school and schooling experience.

 “Everyone loves their mom telling them they have a snow day and they can sleep in and hang out with friends,” Mills said. 

However, some people are excited for this new system as they count the days of the school year so they don’t have to worry about going to school in early June.

“I feel like it’s a better use of our time instead of just having a day we have to make up for our summer,” physical education teacher Darin Cissell said.

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