New Parking Pass Sticker Causes Upset Among Students

New Parking Pass Sticker Causes Upset Among Students

Aug. 11-12, upperclassmen walked into school and got their schedules along with their parking pass. The pass is now a sticker. 

“Dr. Thompson decided to use stickers since there were complaints of the pass being in the way and impairing young drivers.” Assistant Principal Jon Schultz said. “It’s meant to make people happier, and there’s so much static between the sticker and the car it takes a while for the sticker to have less usage.”

  “You can’t take it off without it being as sticky next time you put it on the car,” junior Nate Wibbenmeyer said. “I’m fine with people knowing I go to Howell, but it’s not the same as being able to take it off my rear view mirror at the end of the school day.” 

The sticker makes it harder to move from car to car.

“Last year I took my dad’s car to school for the week, and it would be difficult if I had to use a sticker instead of just carrying my pass with me,” junior Gabby Lowry said. “I genuinely hate it and I hope that we get different passes mid-year. It would be more convenient.” 

This has created hesitation among students towards getting a pass

“I don’t like this year’s parking passes whatsoever. I have yet to get mine, which is a huge problem.” Senior Sammi Rogers said.