Sneed saves snake


Sue Robinson

Sneed captures snake from underneath first production lab desk.

Sep. 24 Senior Bella Lopez was looking at colleges on her phone in the Learning Commons studio. 

“I had my legs crossed, then when I moved to put my leg down I felt something weird under my foot,” Lopez said.

It was a baby snake. 

“Normally I don’t find them this far in,” school custodian Terry Sneed said. “Maybe it caught a ride on someone’s shoelaces after they walked through the grass.

Sneed came into the learning commons to remove the snake with a butterfly net and broom at 9:30 a.m.

“I was mostly just confused. It must’ve been there awhile, because I’d been in there a while,” Lopez said.

After catching the snake, Sneed released it back to the wild near the practice fields.