Sneed saves snake


Sue Robinson

Sneed captures snake from underneath first production lab desk.

Alex Tolan-Hoechst, Staff Writer

Sep. 24 Senior Bella Lopez was looking at colleges on her phone in the Learning Commons studio. 

“I had my legs crossed, then when I moved to put my leg down I felt something weird under my foot,” Lopez said.

It was a baby snake. 

“Normally I don’t find them this far in,” school custodian Terry Sneed said. “Maybe it caught a ride on someone’s shoelaces after they walked through the grass.

Sneed came into the learning commons to remove the snake with a butterfly net and broom at 9:30 a.m.

“I was mostly just confused. It must’ve been there awhile, because I’d been in there a while,” Lopez said.

After catching the snake, Sneed released it back to the wild near the practice fields.