Tennis Editorial

Staff member expresses concern with the current condition of the tennis courts.

While no tears were shed, the tennis courts were often found with water on them. On hot spring days, ground moisture would seep through the cracks and puddle on the concrete.

Because of this, the 2017 boys tennis team was not allowed to hold home matches. The courts were not considered to meet the standards to host.

Construction to repair the problem began, in summer, creating an obstacle for the tennis program. Every summer, open court practices occur for anyone interested in trying out for the team. Graciously, Howell’s sister schools, stepped in to help. Howell Central and Howell North shared their courts on certain days of the week, both for the open court practices and the annual summer tennis camp.

Construction finished at the beginning of September.

The district funded the construction, where a drainage system was installed under the courts, cracks were filled, certain areas were resurfaced, and finally painted in the areas where cracks were filled.

Although, the courts are ready to use, this is not a permanent fix. While the district continues to monitor the status of the courts, and works to find a permanent solution to the water leakage, as of now, the courts are still visibly not ideal.

The paint job remains unfinished, with different shades of blue and green scattered around the courts, many nets have broken loose from the ground, and have tears in them.

While the district’s efforts are appreciated, the courts still remain an embarrassment and don’t align with the excellence Howell stands for. They need to be brought up to standard as soon as possible.