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Students Plan Variety of Activities for Fall Break


Eleven days, or 264 hours, or 15,840 minutes, or 950,400 seconds. That’s the length of fall break.

“I am going to Disneyland with my family. I am really excited to ride Space Mountain. It’s my favorite ride because it gives me an adrenaline rush,” sophomore Jane  Stephans said.

The hills of Hollywood aren’t the only place students plan to vacation.
“New York City is the city I am vacationing to. I’m most excited about going to see the Statue of Liberty and visiting Times Square,” sophomore Lauren Christensen said.
Some are even heading down south to hit the beaches.
“Destin, Florida, is my vacation destination for fall break.  I am very excited to relax and be on the beach all day,” junior Gaby Keim said.

The Southwest is even a destination for some.

“I’m going to Austin, Texas, over fall break to visit my cousins and go to Sea World. I might even swim with Buluga whales,” sophomore Hayley Russell said.

As the life changing decision of picking a college draws near many seniors have college road trips marked on their schedules.

“I’m going on college visits with my family. I’m most excited to visit Southeast Missouri and Lindenwood because they have smaller clasess,” junior Kyle Kleist.

Others are rocking out the road trips with friends.

“University of Central Missouri and Truman are both on my list for college visits. I’m excited since I’ll be with my friends and I’ll actually get to see the colleges in action with students,” senior Ashley Unland said.

Besides traveling to fun destinations and going on college road trips, some students are just plain old hanging out.

“I’m on marching band and have practice over break, so I will be looking forward to no homework and more sleep,” sophomore Jordan German said.

The cooler weather played a role in some people’s plans.

“The cooler weather will definitely add to fall break. I am excited for bonfires, hoodies and sweatpants and, of course, Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes,” senior Reena Bhagat said.

The aspect of getting things accomplished is also nice.

“I am ready to get all of my college applications finished and out of the way,” Bhagat said.