“I Don’t Belong in This Club” Single Review


One of today’s most popular boy bands, Why Don’t We, just released a new single “I Don’t Belong in This Club” featuring Macklemore March 20, 2019. The track is their second ever collaboration following a feature on a Logan Paul song.

The song is about how the boys feel out of place in a club, and they sing about how they don’t belong. All five members are all vocally talented, and the music is classic boy-band pop with a touch of piano.

Towards the middle of the song, Macklemore raps, “Shoulda stayed on the sofa / Forgot I hate being social / And I miss my ex-girl / This Drake song makin’ me ‘motional / I’m feelin’ awkward as hell / I only came here to dance / The DJ ain’t playin’ the cuts / And what do I do with my hands?” Macklemore brings some humour to the record, as well as putting down some decent verses.

To sum it up, the track talks about what we can all relate to. There are just those times where we want to have some alone time. This fun, upbeat record is for the homebodies out there.