“Do You Understand?” Single Review


In 2017, rapper Shy Glizzy was featured in the smash hit “Crew” by Goldlink that was grammy nominated for best rap/sung performance. And now the D.C. native teamed up with Tory Lanez and Gunna to create his single “Do You Understand?” in 2018. “Do You Understand?” is the first piece we’ve received since he dropped his mixtape Quiet Storm.

The three artists mesh together really well over the Turbo production. It has a laid back vibe with a catchy beat and bouncy instrumental. It gives off a “trap in the summertime” kind of feel.

First, Glizzy leads the song in before passing off the verses to Lanez and Gunna, each artist having their time to shine. They all have their own unique sounding vocals that give the song its character.

Shy Glizzy is a truly underrated artist and deserves more attention than he gets. This collaboration is definitely not one to miss.