“Torches” Single Review

Luciana Mach

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X Ambassadors is an American band from New York consisting of three members. Lead singer Sam Harris, drummer Adam Levin, and keyboardist Casey Harris. In 2017, the trio released their single “Torches”.

The single was released in excitement of their first Cayuga Sound Festival, an outdoor concert that they hosted in their hometown in New York late last year.

To break it down, the start of the song is lead by a the sound of the piano and builds up to a more intense vibe. Further into the song, there are fierce bursts of guitar accompanied with the falsetto of Sam Harris. Harris sings, “Carry your flame. Carry your torches,” with strong emotion and passion.

The song basically explains that whenever things get bad or there is no hope, there’s always a light inside of you that can help you push through it. It’s quite uplifting and inspiring.

In general, X Ambassadors created this single with compelling expression. It gives a motivational message that is hard to ignore.