“Perception” Album Review


American rapper NF released his third studio album “Perception” late 2017. The album’s leading single “Let You Down” is what gave him his rise to international fame. The album contains 16 tracks and has a duration of an hour and two minutes.

In one of the album’s songs “Lie”, another very popular track of the album, he sings about a failed relationship with a girl. He reveals her to be a liar because of her late phone calls and spreading rumors of his reputation and their relationship. There is a sense of damage when he sings these lyrics with its dejected but still somewhat upbeat sound.

The album is essentially about accepting reality and coming to terms with it. NF wrote about his difficulties that have been troubling him with each song and “Lie” is a perfect example of this pain.

Overall, NF makes music that’s real. His songs are always about issues that happen in real life. There’s a truth to his lyrics and this is displayed in his album “Perception”. Some songs to check out are “My Life”, “You’re Special”, “If You Want Love”, “Dreams”, and “3 A.M.”.