“Mo Bamba” Single Review

Luciana Mach

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Sheck Wes is a 20 year old rapper and songwriter. Wes released a single June 16, 2017 that went viral in mid 2018. With the release of this new single “Mo Bamba”, Wes hit the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time and made his breakout in the music industry. The single is a teaser for his upcoming album MUDBOY.

The song’s name is a reference to the Orlando Magic professional basketball player Mohamed Bamba. Wes and Bamba grew up in Harlem, New York and spent some of their childhood together.   

The best way to describe what genre this song is under is trap hip hop and rap. Wes sings the catchy chorus that is very focused on self-hype. The song is about confidence to say the least with explicit lyrics that add to the intensity and vibe of the song.