“Jackie Chan” Single Review

Luciana Mach

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From the work of Tiësto and Dzeko featuring Preme and Post Malone came a single that was recently released this year, “Jackie Chan”. DJ’s Tiësto and Dzeko make an interesting combination with Preme and such a popular artist like Post Malone. It’s refreshing to hear a collaboration like this.

The song references the actor and martial artist Jackie Chan hence the name of the song. The song itself is upbeat and lively. It introduces an unexpected style from Post Malone, who is more of the hip hop and rap type of artist, but features in this song which is categorized more as dance. With Post’s vocals and the music that these DJ’s brought to the table make this single unique. It is something that has never been heard before.

With this song at high volumes, whether it’s blasting in the car or on a bluetooth speaker, it is no doubt exhilarating and definitely not something to miss.