“Psycho Pt. 2” Single Review

Luciana Mach

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Russell Vitale, better known as Russ, is a singer and songwriter. Two of his songs “What They Want” and “Losin Control are his most notable work as well as his album There’s Really a Wolf that was certified Platinum towards the beginning of this year.

Russ has released a huge variety of singles, one of which is “Psycho, Pt. 2”. The song obviously proceeds his other single “Psycho”.

The track basically describes a story of how a girl drives him crazy and it’s sweet. The song has an adorable melody in combination with Russ’ fantastic vocals. It’s not exactly a slow song but not upbeat either. It’s like the perfect in between.

This affectionate song has an amazing symphony of sound that is not to pass up. Russ created an impressive single that is no doubt worth the time checking out.