Work Program Registration


Current juniors interested in signing up for the work program their senior year are urged to fill out an application and bring it to a business teacher as soon as possible.

While the semester is coming to a close, it is only the beginning for juniors looking at their options for their last year of schooling. Now is the time for juniors to sign up for work program or dual-enrollment.

Work program students have the ability to leave school early so that they can work. Students can choose to take five, six, or seven hours at school, and can leave early or come later.

Anyone in the work program needs to work 180 hours during the course of the semester for a half credit, and 360 hours for a full credit. Students get credit for their hours worked, and it calculates into their GPA.

“I leave after fourth everyday, so I have to get 360 hours each semester. But I love it because I get two credits, so I get two A’s calculated into my GPA,” senior Daniel Willbrand said. Willbrand works at Subway.

“It’s not hard to get your hours done at all,” senior Caylen Johnson said. “I get to go home early, eat, and take a nap before I go to work.” Johnson works at Jimmy Johns.

There are two sections of the work program to choose from- Business or Marketing. The overall program is the same for either one, the only thing different is the class you take.

“It’s a really simple class as long as you do your job,” senior Olivia Thomsen said. “I recommend any junior that has a job to sign up as soon as possible. You won’t understand how amazing it is until you’re able to leave school while everyone else is still in school.” Thomsen works at Buffalo Wild Wings.

To sign up, fill out an application and return it to any business teacher. You don’t have to have a job until August.