School Should Start Later

Almost every teenager dreads setting their alarm for school the next morning. They try to see how late they can sleep in while still making it to school on time. Francis Howell High School begins at 7:20 am, but is this to early for teenagers?

Accordiing to scientists have found that when developing teenaers don’t get enough sleep they are more likely to have a low academic performance. The study also shows that students who don’t get enough sleep often turn to alcohol, tobacco products, and other drugs.

Students are having trouble staying awake and/or focusing during their first through third hours. Especially when their first hour requires lots of brain power like math, science, history, or english.

Student detentions are also increasing and not due to misbehavior but because of tardies. It is hard to wake up early, get ready, catch the bus, or drive to school.

Parents and administration are hesitant to push back school an hour later because they feel that students won’t have time to complete their homework, do extracurricular activities, and hold a job.

While these concerns are valid, I feel that students will have more energy and more ability to focus if school does start later. If school is pushed back to start at 8:15 am students will still be leaving by 3:30 pm. This will give students plenty of time to complete their homework, go to practices/games, and work a few days a week.

Developing teenagers need to sleep, at least, six hours each night. The recommended amount of sleep by doctors is eight hours. Often times, when students get home they take naps due to their exhaustion. This prevents students from doing their homework, socializing, being involved at school, and having a job.

With the school time pushed back students can be on time to school, be able to focus more in class, and get their homework done while having a social life.