Standardized Testing

Every high school student needs to take an American College Test (ACT). This test shows the students knowledge in math, reading, english, and science. Well, at least that is what it’s supposed to do.

The ACT has four sections, some are timed and some aren’t. Based on the overall score received on the test is how colleges determine the students knowledge. I disagree with this because everyone learns differently.

For some people it is hard to sit at a table and only take a test for about four or five hours with only a five-ten minute break. There are no drinks allowed in the testing area and no bathroom breaks. The only time this can happen is after the first two topics of testing are completed.

The ACT is also very hard to study for and is a compilation of everything learned in the previous years of school. Yes, there is an ACT class available that teaches study techniques and gives a practice ACT that is graded but the score isn’t documented.

However, this test is taken in four class periods. This gives the student time to break in-between subjects and time to refresh themselves before each subject. I think if the ACT was set up this way then students would perform much better.

The ACT should not determine a person’s intelligence level. Some students have test anxiety or even ADD and/or ADHD. It is hard for these students to focus on a test for multiple hours.

It is also quite distracting when teachers are pacing back and forth between the rows of tables. Students can often times look at them instead of the test.

Obviously, schools can’t just get rid of the test. On the other hand there are better conditions to give the test under.

First, maybe students could take the test in classrooms with smaller numbers of students in each room. Second, students should be able to break in between each subject. Third, students should be able to have water with them to stay refreshed while test taking. Fourth, and finally, students should be able to take the test over four days. One day for each section on the ACT.

There are other ways to administer this test that is easier on students. Colleges and high schools should be able to see a students potential based on grades in core classes and their overall GPA. Not a long test that mentally drain students.