Hats in School

One of the biggest debates in the school is the fact of if students should be able to wear hats or not. Administration said that the reason hats aren’t allowed is it can disrupt classrooms, possibly represent gangs or other violent topics, and be disrespectful.

Honestly, I can understand these reasons; however, I can also understand that it’s 2019 and things have changed.

I’ll start with the fact that administration thinks hats disrupt classrooms. My question, though, how do hats become a distraction? Administration thinks that the students peers may steal their hat, or students could play with their hats. I think that high school students are clearly old enough to handle a hat responsibly. If the hat(s) get distracting the teacher in the classroom can take care of the situation.

The next reason given is the possibility hats could represent gangs or other violent topics. I understand that sometimes brands on hats can have an underlying message. However, very rarely is a student going to wear a hat to school that obviously portrays an inappropriate message.

Even if a student does choose to wear a hat that obviously has an inappropriate message, then it is easily removed. Unlike a shirt or shorts that need to be changed.

The third, and final, reason given is that hats on inside buildings is disrespectful. According to www.debate.org knights were supposed to take off their helmets indoors so people were not intimidated by them. However, it was acceptable for women to wear hats indoors as long as they were decorative.

Obviously, society has changed quite a bit from that time. Why are we holding on to this rule made so long ago, yet changing other rules created long ago? Schools are a place to learn and what better way to learn than wearing something that you feel comfortable in.

Whether it be a hood up, or hat on students need to be able to feel comfortable. Maybe they’re having a bad hair day, maybe they it adds the finishing touches on an outfit, or maybe it’s an extra security.

Students should be allowed to wear hats and/or have their hoods up at school.