“Cool” Single Review


Before announcing their next studio album after six years, the Jonas Brothers released their newest single, “Cool,” April 5th. The pop tune blasts through the radio as frequently as their last single, “Sucker.”

“Cool” starts with Joe Jonas singing the pre-chorus pacifically over acoustic guitar. Drums and harmonies enter in the first, and then in the chorus, chords, shouts, and falsetto change the mood of the song from a relaxed to a summer anthem. The song is simply about feeling and being cool. The brothers sing, “Lately I’ve been feeling so cool / From top to the bottom, just cool / Every little thing that I do / D*mmit I’m feeling so cool.”

Personally, I like this song so  much more than “Sucker,” and cannot wait to shout it from the top of my lungs at their concert which I have no choice but to attend.