Summer Activities

As of May 22 at 11:25 a.m., it’s summer. However, Howell activities still go on.  For rising juniors, It’s time for them to attend Viking Edge and A+ program activities.

“I’m most excited about just relaxing and possibly joining the A+ program and becoming a Viking edge leader,” sophomore Claire Whitington said.

Many students also celebrate birthdays over the summer.

“The most exciting thing for this summer is when I will be turning sixteen and will finally be able to get my license,” sophomore Jade Reischl said. “I’m just excited because when I get my license I’ll be able to have more freedom and won’t have to rely on my parents to take me places anymore.”

There are also many other activities students do other than the ones provided by Howell, like a select sport.

“Probably the most exciting thing this summer for me is when I go to Kentucky and will be able to play in my softball tournament.” sophomore Kiley Duncan said. “I’m also really excited about going to Kentucky because some of my family lives there who I don’t always get to see, and I’ll be able to visit them, spend time with them and they’ll be able to come watch me play softball.”

Summer is also the prime time to catch up with friends who students aren’t always able to see.

“I don’t have any specific plans yet but I know I’ll be hanging out with friends a lot and I’ll be able to catch up with some friends who I don’t see often,” freshman Ruby Cissel said. “I’m mostly excited about just taking on new and exciting adventures.”

Many people and families also have traditions as to where they go on vacation.

“I am going to Ocean City, New Jersey. I’ve gone there every year since i was born,” sophomore Wyatt Daly said. “The two weeks are a lot of fun because I love the ocean and i love to spend time with my family.”