“Sing To Me Instead” Album Review


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Ben Platt album cover

March 29 2019, Tony Award-winning performer Ben Platt released his first album, Sing to Me Instead, straying away from his roles on the Broadway musical Dear, Evan Hansen and Pitch Perfect films. The album features Pop music with deeply personal and soulful melodies and lyrics of all kinds.

Tracks “Ease My Mind,” “Grow As We Go,” and “Bad Habit,” are the most popular on the album, featuring unique melodies and lyrics that discuss many aspects of Platt’s life.

      “Ease My Mind,” has a relaxing melody and rhythm with a gospel feel to it. Platt discusses his day-to-day anxieties and how his romantic relationship soothes and calms him in the worst of times.

      “Grow As We Go,” is another song discussing a romantic relationship. Platt is almost convincing his partner in his lyrics, explaining that although it may seem like time apart is the only solution to fix their struggles, they should help each other and grow together. The song features a strumming acoustic guitar and a soothing and sweet melody.

      “Bad Habit,” has a very different melody than the rest of the songs on the album. The syncopated piano line crates a catchy melody and multiple layers of harmony in the background bring out Platt’s voice. Platt sings about this love he has for a person and how dependent he feels to them although their feelings may not be reciprocated. He hates to admit it, but he can’t help himself.

      Songs “Honest Man,” “Hurt Me Once,” “In Case You Don’t Live Forever,” and “Run Away,” are the other songs that I liked on the album. They all are very slow songs, discussing many different topics from romantic love to death of a loved one. Platt’s voice is phenomenal on each track, including riffs and vibrato to compliment his catchy melodies.