Hannah Montana Comeback

Former Disney channel star Miley Cyrus returns to her iconic Hannah Montana hairstyle almost a decade after ending the show, and her Disney career.

In the show Hannah Montana Cyrus played teenager Miley Stewart, who lived a double life as a normal girl, and a pop star.

March 29. Cyrus posted a photo of her, showcasing the new hairdo.

“Hannah is punk now!” Cyrus said.  

Cyrus shared the inspiration behind brining back her Hannah Montana hair on instagram.

“It was so hard going back and forth that I decided i’ll just be Hannah forever,” Cyrus said.

To celebrate the shows 13th year anniversary, Cyrus posted a series of videos showcasing her Hannah Montana hair and singing along with songs from the show that fans know and love.  

The internet exploded, social media was flooded with pictures and speculations about  Cyrus’s old, yet new hairstyle. Cyrus had been receiving a lot of attention from the press surrounding the possibility of her releasing new music and making a comeback as Hannah Montana.

Her hair isn’t the only hint to her comeback. An instagram page was started with the username Hannah Montana, and Cyrus is one of the accounts few followers. However, the account is still awaiting any pictures or videos.

On her personal instagram, Cyrus posted a photo of her and her character Hannah Montana side by side for the ten year challenge.

“I win!” Cyrus said.