Senior Drama Club Members Say Goodbye

Working long hours prior to the opening of Snow Angel, seniors scrambled to make the most of their last production, especially as they fell behind schedule more than any other previous show.

“I hope that more students come to the shows because we tried really hard to make it the best it can be. Along with outsiders, I hope they learn to respect drama more for what it really is and what it could be,” senior Cydney McCafferty said.

The drama room, where set and paint is located, was vandalized during February. Drama Club rebounded to finish the last production with high intentions.

“I felt angry and attacked. Since the Drama Club facilities are already almost in shambles I was very hurt finding out that a group of students went further with the damage already done to our auditorium. I do understand that the administration couldn’t do anything in order to catch those guilty. My frustration has lowered, but I still remain sad,” senior Dylan Enyart said.

As June approaches, seniors have other things on which to focus. Drama Club helped some with their future careers and goals.

“I’ve definitely made a lot more friends everyone there is so nice. I’ve learned a lot about teamwork and communication with other people, and in drama there’s a lot of that, and you learn as you go. Along with drama helping me to find my career path, I didn’t know what I wanted to do before but it’s help me find it,” senior Lauren Buzzell said.

Some seniors have dual enrollment and split their days, half college and half high school.

“College can get in the way of Drama Club. I have college classes two days of the week and drama meetings after schools causing slight conflict. But in the end it’s worth it. The stress motivates me to get everything done and perfect for the show,” senior Grace Nicolay said.

Each May, Drama Club holds a banquet: giving awards, speeches, and inducting new students as thespians. All seniors perform a small show to represent all of the productions in which they participated.

“I’m excited for the banquet because it’s one last hurrah for everyone in the club before summer starts. the seniors get to put on a senior skit where they go throughout their years of being apart of drama club. They commemorate their time as a group in Drama Club,” Nicolay said.

Senior Carlie Schroeder took her final bow as the lead in Snow Angel.

“It’s the most loving and accepting environment i’ve ever been in and it’s my safe place,” Schroeder said. “I’m sad but excited to move on to the next phase of my life, and I thank them because I truly would not have been able to survive high school if it wasn’t for Drama Club.”